Mouse Support for iPad in iOS 13 – A Welcome Addition to iPad

6, February 2020

Have you tried mouse support yet? Trying out mouse support with my iPad made me realize that slowly but surely personal digital devices are moving toward a universal design, with computers and tablets starting to converge and become more and

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Arcana – An Innovative and Accessible Musical Instrument

23, January 2020

The story of Arcana is a beautiful example of how technology can expand participation to a variety of activities, and how there is no limit to the dreams we can realize. We met the incredible Arcana team in the product

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Dreidelit: now available on iOS

19, December 2019

We are very excited to share that the app Dreidelit is now available for iOS! The app allows anybody to spin a dreidel with a simple touch of the screen. It is also still available for Android. The app can

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Creating an Inclusive Halloween Experience

24, October 2019

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is busy decorating their houses, buying candy and getting their costumes in order. For some children, though, this time of year can bring anxiety and discomfort. Children with sensory differences may find costumes

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Make it for Teachers – recommended app for creating customized learning activities

8, September 2019

As a special education teacher working with students with complex learning disabilities, I often search for apps that allow me to create my own learning activities. Because I need to be able to adapt my activities to a variety of

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Apple’s WWDC – Top Features We Are Looking Forward To

18, June 2019

Lots of exciting news revealed last week at Apple’s WWDC 2019. There are many new features being released and our team at the Technology Center at Beit Issie Shapiro is busy getting to know them all. Here is a sneak

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Get Busy with BusyThings apps

6, June 2019

At the Technology Center at Beit Issie Shapiro, we are always looking for apps that are engaging and fun, yet also well designed and easy to adapt or use with children with special needs. Once in a while we find

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Ramadan Kareem – Activities for a Special Month

17, May 2019

Ramadan is an annual observance that lasts a whole month and ends in a three day holiday called “Eid al-Fitr”. The month is full of traditions and ceremonies that characterize the fasting days. At the Sindian Early Intervention Center of

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Using and Developing Tech Solutions for Students with Disabilities – on the BETT stage in London (link to full lecture in post)

2, April 2019

In January (pretty cold for a Mediterranean girl like me) I traveled to London and presented at BETT, one of the biggest annual international conferences for technology in education. I presented on the main stage and the topic of my lecture

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Making Costume Dreams Come True – 4.0

2, April 2019

What a tradition we have started! Beit Issie Shapiro just held their “Making Costume Dreams Come True” event for the fourth year in a row! We had about 30 participants this year, each a child with disabilities who uses some

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