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Tally tots
DownloadDownloadCollection of cute mini
games by number.
Works on counting
Bugs and Numbers
Matific Student
app logo
DownloadDownloadwebsiteFor Teachers.
Subscription based.
Teacher creates
account on the
computer and assigns
games to students.
Students play via sign in
on the app. App is free
Learn Multiplication Table - Times Table Game
Download (Free)
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Download (Free)

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Download (Free)Download (Free)Website
Matific Galaxy - Maths
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Download (Free)Download (Free)websiteSeries of apps with
each app providing a
different grade level.
Same games as
provided in the Matific
for School collection,
but separated into
separate apps
Feed the Monkey
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Download (Free)Download (Free)Feed the monkey
according to how
many food items he
asks for.
Moose Math
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Download (Free)

Download (Free)
Collection of
mini-games for basic
counting skills. By
Duck Duck Moose.
Drive About Numbers
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DownloadCollection of
mini-games for early
math practice.
Montessori Counting Board
DownloadApp to learn number
sequence and
Counting Dots
DownloadSimple yet motivating
counting game.
Math memo
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Download (Free)
Memory game with
numbers and/or
Toca Store
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2 player game, use from
1-5 coins to pay for
Step by Step
Pair by Number
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Download (Free)App includes a number
of accessibility features,
including switch
Montessori Numberland
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Downloadnumbers 0-9
Pancake Tower
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Download (Free)Download (Free)Simple game that
counts the number of
pancakes successfully
placed in a stack.
Download (Free) Open platform. App to
create dice. Can be
played as a math game,
for example, two
students, each with an
iPad, playing “war” with
Read more in our blog
Download (Free)
Math Bakery
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Download Math Bakery 2 for
higher levels
Marble Math Junior
app logo
Download Users move a marble
through a maze to
answer math questions.
Marble can be moved
by tilting the ipad or by
dragging it on the
For ages 5-8. Second
app Marble Math for
older ages/harder
Pet Bingo
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Download (Free) Download (Free) Uses bingo to reinforce
operations. Can choose
which operations to
Math Duel
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Download Two player game.
Operation Math
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Download Download
Math Vs Zombies
Download websiteMany levels but must
start from level 1
Graphing for kids
app logo
Math Bingo
app logo
King of Math
app logo
King of Math Jr
app logo
Download (Free) Download (Free)
app logo
Math Duel
Download (Free)
Yum Yum Numbers
DownloadFor further reading
מחשבון שברים פלוס
Download (Free) Download (Free)
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