AngelSense: A Unique Monitoring Solution Designed for Children with disabilities

By: Yael Talmor and Dr. Amir Tal, AngelSense 29, May 2016

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We are happy to invite Yael Talmor and Dr. Amir Tal, from AngelSense, to tell us about this very important technology that has been developed for families of children with disabilities:

AngelSense, is a GPS and Voice Monitoring solution designed for children with disabilities, helping families protect their children.  AngelSense provides parents of children with disabilities a comprehensive solution for continuous visibility of their child when not under their care. The app has unique features developed to help in cases of elopement, to identify mistreatment or abuse, and ultimately to improve the child’s safety, sense of confidence and independence.1111

22222The product includes a non-removable GPS device for the child and a mobile app for the parent, with which the parent can closely monitor their child’s whereabouts and well-being throughout the entire day.

Through the use of new technology and patent-pending data analytics, AngelSense provides a reliable, accurate, and active monitoring and alerting solution that meets the specific requirements of the special needs community.

Hundreds of parents report that AngelSense has changed their lives and that it brings them peace of mind every day. They can now always check if their child is safe, and if their child is every in danger or goes missing, they can pinpoint their exact location and help them.

The following videos show how AngelSense is affecting the lives of families and of the children themselves:

Parents tell about the impact of AngelSense on their lives

AngelSense saves the life of a 15 year old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome

Additional Stories

Some of AngelSense’s key features for the special needs community include:

  • Non-removable GPS accessories and a special key for removal by the parent
  • Text alerts sent to parent for every unexpected place visited by the child
  • Listen-in to your child’s environment from anywhere and at any time
  • Diary schedule showing the child’s routes and locations throughout the day
  • First Responder Group Alarm to notify law enforcements and family of a lost child
  • Runner Mode designed to help track a lost or wandering child

To learn more about AngelSense, visit

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