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Digital Books Make it Inclusive!

10, July 2016

Books and reading have a significant impact on the cognitive, emotional, and language development of all children. Children love to listen to stories, often even the same one over and over again. They also love to flip through the pages

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App Review: Yum Yum Numbers

19, June 2016

If you’re looking for a great app to work on counting and number formation, Yum Yum Numbers is a perfect one to add to your collection. Young children are drawn in by the engaging characters and learn to write their

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IssieBoard: A Virtual Keyboard with customizable options. A Collaboration between Beit Issie Shapiro and SAP Labs Israel.

1, March 2016

IssieBoard  is a new app that came out of the very fruitful collaboration between The Technology Consulting Center of Beit Issie Shapiro and SAP Labs Israel. Typing on a virtual keyboard can be challenging for many users and therefore when

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Me and Myself – An Interactive Album Encouraging Self-expression

9, February 2016

Me and Myself is another great app from the series recently released by C.E.T- The Center for Educational Technology. The app is an interactive photo album with a unique focus on self-expression. The pages of the album are titled such

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SnapType for Occupational Therapy: Making it a snap to fill in worksheets

24, June 2015

Written classroom assignments are often a challenge for children with disabilities. Something as simple as struggling to hold a pencil correctly can greatly impact a child’s motivation and success in completing homework. For students with more significant limitations, such as

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App Review: Thinkrolls – by Avokiddo

20, May 2015

As an OT that works with people with both motor disabilities and cognitive and intellectual disabilities, I find it a challenge to find leisure apps that provide age appropriate content yet are simple enough for independent play. Popular game apps

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Our Top Recommended Multi-Player Games

21, April 2015

Contrary to what you may initially think, the tablet can actually be a wonderful tool for encouraging social play. Every game can be used to encourage social play even if it is intended for only one player. The game is

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Great Holiday Apps for Easter and Passover

25, March 2015

After what seems like a winter that lasted forever, Spring is finally in the air! It is a time of new beginnings and starting fresh, but it is also a time of holiday tradition. Both Passover and Easter arrive with

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Two Great Apps for Improving Visual Motor Skills

18, March 2015

I thought I would share with you two great apps that I use extensively in my practice to work on pre-writing and visual motor skills. Each is developed by an occupational therapist but are recommended for use by anyone. I

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