“Hakol Barosh” – National project to make the mobile world accessible, in collaboration with Google and Sesame Enable

“Hakol Barosh” is a joint project between Google and Beit Issie Shapiro whose goal is to allow people with disabilities of upper extremity function to have full access to smartphones and tablets. As a result of a million dollar Google grant and the professional guidance of Beit Issie Shapiro, the project provided eligible individuals with the unique technology developed by the Israeli startup Sesame Enable, allowing people to access a smartphone using head movements, without the need to touch the screen.

Distribution of the devices was coordinated in collaboration with relevant government offices, hospitals, associations and organizations working with people with disabilities in Israel. “Hakol Barosh” distribution centers were established throughout the country and consultants even traveled to individuals’ homes if their disability prevented them from accessing a distribution center. Distribution came with training and technological support through a national support center. Participation in the “Hakol Barosh” project was free of charge and free of any commitments. The project itself was not-for-profit.



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