Happy Easter!

By: Dana Cappel 20, March 2016

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With Easter around the corner, we thought to remind you of some great Easter themed apps that can be found on the App Store.  There are coloring books, egg seek-and-finds, and even Easter versions of popular games, such as Doodle Jump. Below you’ll find a list of apps that are sure to please all the kids in your house.

Holidays Junior (AppStore)
לכzzידהThis app, by developer Jan Essig who brought us the Playground series of apps, has holiday themed games.  Parents can choose the relevant holiday in the app settings. As in the Playground apps, the graphics are clear and cute and encourage the development of basic cognitive skills in a fun and engaging way. The app includes four mini-games: tic-tac-toe, seek and find, whack-a-mole, and a “Bunny Says” an auditory memory game.



Wood Puzzle Easter Colors HD (AppStore)
eeeThis is a beautiful wood puzzle app with an Easter theme. There are 15 different puzzles of varying difficulties. Besides the bright colorful design, there are also some nice options in settings to allow for adaptation for a variety of abilities. You can shut off the need to rotate pieces, and there is an auto mode in which the puzzle is animated and puts itself together. This can be useful for children with motor planning issues that often need to see how something is done first before trying it themselves.



Easter Egg Kids Coloring Book (AppStore)
לכידrrהPeep Software makes an Easter themed coloring book. The app has a good choice of simple clear pictures to color and a number or coloring styles. One of its best features is the “color-in-the-lines” option, which allows the child to make coloring movements with their finger or stylus, but still remain in the lines.  It’s a nice middle-of-the-road setting between the fill-in type options or classic coloring.  The child’s picture always comes out looking nice but they still get to practice coloring.  This can be a nice feature for some children.


Max and Ruby Bunny Bake Off (AppStore)
לכידהggIn this app kids can join their favorite TV bunnies, Max and Ruby, in getting ready for Easter.  Follow the bunnies’ recipes for some yummy and sometimes funny Easter goodies. The app also includes an Easter themed coloring book.

ללא שם


Patchmania (AppStore)
לxxxכידהThis bunny-themed puzzle app for older children (and adults) is sure to entertain for hours and encourage visual spatial problem solving skills. Players work their way through 600 different puzzles, helping the bunnies munch a path through Farmer Lester’s vegetable patch eating as many vegetables as they can.


Bitsboard and  TinyTap
לכssידה לכxxxידהAlways remember these two apps. Both of them have extensive libraries of ready-made educational games. A simple search will likely reveal a large choice of Easter-themed activities.

And don’t forget about the camera! Take lots of holiday photos and create family albums using TinyTap or another digital album app.

We hope you enjoy our Easter-themed choices!  Let us know if you find other apps that your kids love.

Happy Easter!

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