HIT’s Fixperts at Beit Issie Shapiro – custom designed solutions to real-life challenges

6, April 2021

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Quote with definition of Fixperts: people who use creative problem solving and design skills to solve real problems for real people (Fix-Partner)

“The world needs more people who can solve problems. Fixperts is a programme that unlocks people’s imagination and skills to get the world fixing problems, small and big.” ~Fixperts

This year we were very lucky to become “Fixpartners” with industrial design students from The Holon Institute of Technology, as part of their Fixperts course.

As Fix-Partners we presented the design students with functional challenges that clients of Beit Issie Shapiro experience in their daily lives. The design students worked closely with the children and their families and with our professional staff, creating custom-designed solutions tailored specifically for the children’s needs. Working with the HIT’s Fixperts was a wonderful experience and we’re very happy to continue with this project in semesters to come.
Click the links below to watch the Fixperts videos introducing the products they designed for our clients. All solutions are open-source and file and instruction resources are included in the video descriptions.











Thank you HIT Fixperts!

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