IssieBoard: Customizable Keyboard – New updates: a third language, and diacritics (nikud or “vowels”) for Hebrew and Arabic!

23, December 2018


We, The Technology Center of Beit Issie Shapiro, are happy to announce that IssieBoard, our customizable keyboard app, is now available in three languages! English, Hebrew, and now Arabic. We have also added diacritics to the Hebrew and Arabic keyboards, allowing users to add vowels to their typed text.

For those of you that aren’t yet familiar with IssieBoard, it is a free customizable keyboard app for iPhone and iPad that allows the user to customize color features according to their needs. Additional features include the ability to change key color combinations and the ability to have only certain letters appear on the keyboard. IssieBoard functions like a regular keyboard and can be used for all apps and functions of the device. Once downloaded and added in settings, choose IssieBoard by toggling through your keyboards using the globe button to the left of the spacebar. To change the settings of IssieBoard, enter the IssieBoard app, create the keyboard you want, then use it in any other app you choose. Learn how to use the app here.

New Features:

IssieBoard now includes Arabic!

Choose your language in IssieBoard. Notice that you may also choose the option of two languages for your keyboard, a feature useful for those that work in both English and Hebrew, for example:

Choose your language in IssieBoard

A keyboard with two languages

A keyboard with two languages


For Hebrew and Arabic users there is now the option to add diacritics, or vowel markings, to typed text. Press on the “ניקוד” button to highlight it. Now, each time a key is pressed, you will have the option to choose the vowel you would like with it.

הפעלת אפשוריות הניקוד על ידי לחיצה על כפתור הניקוד

כשפונקציית הניקוד פתוחה, לחיצה על כל אות תופחת את אפשרויות הניקוד של אותה אות


For guidance on the other features of IssieBoard, please refer to our previous post.

We’d love to hear from you and of course are available for any questions and feedback.

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