IssieRoots Activities for Passover: An Interactive Haggadah and a Passover Typing Activity

drawing of a haggadah. text on right page says "The Passover Haggadah". On left page is a drawing of the seder plate.

Beit Issie Shapiro’s interactive Haggadah

IssieRoots is a collection of interactive educational activities for Jewish and Muslim holidays, designed by the staff of Beit Issie Shapiro and for the enrichment and enjoyment of children of varying abilities. All activities are offered in English and in either Hebrew or Arabic so they can be enjoyed by Jewish and Muslim children in Israel and around the world.

Interactive Haggadah

Our interactive Haggadah is full of features that will allow people of all ages and abilities to participate and be included in the family Seder. The colorful and engaging pages encourage readers to take their turn reading from the Haggadah and participate in seder traditions. Specially considered design elements allow children with visual and motor difficulties to use the Haggadah with greater ease.

You can read our Haggadah on the Jigzi website, using this link:

The Passover Haggadah

Here is a sneak peek at some of the pages:


Two pages of the Haggada with hewbrew and english words on them. Left picture is yachatz and there is a drawing of matzah. Right picture is motzi matzah and rachatza. There are drawings of a girl sitting holding matzah and one of hand washing

Sample pages of the Haggadah. Some pages have interactive elements in addition to narration.


Two pages of the haggada. The left pictures shows four glasses, three filled with wine. The right picture shows four drawings representing four different Passover songs.

Sample pages of the Haggadah. Some pages include interactive elements in addition to narration.



Student using a digital haggadah

Enjoying the interactive Haggadah at the school mock Seder

Words for Passover: A Typing Game

Learn to type Passover words in Hebrew in our new Passover typing activity. Students can choose from one of two levels of difficulty and have a variety of words to choose from. Easily move between typing and taking a break with some Passover mini-games. All instructions are in English, but a Hebrew keyboard is needed to play the advanced level so make sure to add Hebrew to your device’s keyboard. The beginner level includes an adapted on-screen keyboard with Hebrew letters.

You can play this activity on the Jigzi website, using this link:

Words for Passover: A Typing Game

Here is a sneak preview of some of the pages.


Two pages of activity. Left picture depicts choice of level of difficulty. Right picture depicts choice of word to type.

Sample pages. Left: Choose your level of difficulty. Right: Choose which word you would like to type.


Sample pages. left shows beginner level with sample keyboard and a picture of matzah. Right shows a drawing of Moses standing beside the burning bush.

Left: Sample of beginner typing level with specific letters available on the keyboard. Right: Sample of advanced level. Hints are available if needed.


Ideas for enjoying these activities in the classroom:

  1. Use our Haggadah in a mock school seder. This way the children get to know all the fun elements of the Haggadah and are ready for the real seder with the family.
  2. The typing activity can be used for learning and practicing Passover words in one-on-one sessions. Follow up with a fun class game using other online tools such as Wordwall, creating fun activities to practice their word recognition.
  3. Play the typing game as a class activity. Screen the activity on the interactive whiteboard. Students take turns choosing which word they want to type and then each child types or writes the word on their own device or piece of paper. Let’s see who can get as many of the words correctly as they can!

As always we’d love to hear how you are using our activities in class and of course, any feedback is welcome.

Happy Passover!

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