IssieRoots: Welcome Ramadan! An activity for young children

9, May 2021

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screenshot of opening page of activity Welcome Ramadan

At The Sindian Early Intervention Center of Beit Issie Shapiro, children are honoring the month of Ramadan in many ways. One of which is through an interactive activity, Welcome Ramadan!, designed for young children. In the activity, children will learn about the basics of the holiday. They can look for the hilal to signify the start of Ramadan, they have opportunities to hear the muezzin‘s call to break the fast, and can help set the table for the iftar.

Earlier this year we launched our IssieRoots program, a collection of accessible, interactive, and digital educational activities. This activity is our first one dedicated to Muslim traditions. The activity, designed using the Tiny Tap platform, can be found in Arabic and in English. The professional staff of The Technology Center at Beit Issie Shapiro, worked closely with Tiny Tap staff to create a Muslim Traditions creative pack for everyone to use.


screenshot with boy looking tino telescope at the night sky

Looking for the hilal, the crescent moon, to start Ramadan


children playing the activity on the large screen

Children playing the activity on the interactive touch screen


Links to the Ramadan activity: Arabic | English

Read about the IssieRoots program

Ramadan Kareem to all!

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