“Making Costume Dreams Come True” Celebrates 5 years!

By: Rachel Blum, speech and language therapist, and Noa Nitzan, occupational therapist || 6, March 2020

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Beit Issie Shapiro’s “Making Costume Dreams Come True” event celebrated 5 years last week! 30 children and youth with disabilities who use mobility devices were again matched with student volunteers from the design department of Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) who designed unique and original costumes based on the participant’s costume idea. The goal of the design is to incorporate the mobility device into the costume. This year we saw Cinderella in her fancy coach, pirates in their pirate ships, a monkey in the jungle, and many more…

Dressing up on Purim is a beloved holiday tradition and incorporating the child’s mobility device into their costume produces a fuller effect, almost like creating a stage for the character. Parents can buy regular costumes and upgrade them with accessories but finding accessories for mobility devices in regular stores is still difficult. In this project, wheelchairs and walkers become part of the costume, and the results are magical! Many children will dress up as Sammy the Fireman this year, but how many will show up in a firetruck with flashing lights?

Scroll below to see this years’ wonderful creations.


Noam dressed up as Sammy the Fireman, rushing out to an emergency in his firetruck:

Noam the fireman

Noam the fireman


Zohar dressed up as Owlette from PJ Masks, in her luxury car:

Zohar as Owlette

Zohar as Owlette


Roni as Aladdin flying over rooftops on her magic carpet:

אלאדין והשטיח המעופף

Roni and her flying carpet


Nevo, a super-fan for Maccabi Tel-Aviv:

 אוהד מושבע של מכבי תל אביב

Maccabi Tel Aviv super-fan


Avital the YouTuber (give her a like on her page 😉)


Avital the Youtuber


Amit the flower-seller:

עמית מוכרת הפרחים

Buy your love some flowers from Amit


Omer, or rather, Chase from Paw Patrol:

צ'ייס ממפרץ ההרפתקאות

Chase from Paw Patrol


Roni as Messi, the greatest soccer player of all time:

ליונל "רוני" מסי

Lionel “Roni” Messi


Mia as Batgirl in her Batmobile:


Mia the superhero!


Lior the helicopter pilot (he’s actually a secret agent 😉):

ליאור הטייס

Lior the pilot


And here is Keren Peles, I mean Avigayil, a celebrity judge on “The Next Star for Eurovision”, handing out scores for the best singers:

קרן פלס בפעולה!

Keren Peles, the famous singing contest judge


Koren, and his band of pirates searching for buried treasure:

חבורת הפיראטים.

Band of pirates


Brian the pirate:

בריאן הפיראט

Ahoy, matey!


And the final pirate, Neria!:

נריה עם תיבת האוצר- אחרי עוד משימה מוצלחת!

Neria with his treasure chest after a successful pirate raid!


Erez the ElAl pilot:

ארז והמטוס האהוב עליו!

Erez and his favorite airplane


Noa the swimmer/hydrotherapist:

נעה שוחה בבריכה

Noa swimming in her pool


Oz, a beautiful unicorn:

ראיתם פעם חד קרן יפה כזה?

A unicorn with a Purim noisemaker


Aviezer, a monkey in his jungle:

קופיקו מטייל לו ברחבי היער

A monkey in the jungle


Hila, the sweetest Cinderella in the world, in her sparkly coach:

סינדרלה, שתי הפיות והכרכרה

Cinderella, two fairies and a coach


Talia the rainbow:

טליה מטיילת על הקשת בענן

Talia taking a ride on her rainbow


Emuna, as Alice in Wonderland:

עליסה וחברים בארץ הפלאות

Alice and friends in Wonderland


Eli the magician. Be sure to buy tickets to his show!:

אלי הקוסם במופע חדש

Eli the magician in a new performance


Sweet Tamar the candy seller:

רוצים לקנות סוכריה?

Who wants candy?


Omer the vampire queen. Yikes!:

עומר מלכת הערפדים: לפני ואחרי

Omer the vampire queen: before and after


Last but not least, Ido the astronaut:

פורים הגיע לחלל

Purim has arrived in space!


See you all next year!

Happy Purim!

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