Beit Issie Shapiro’s 6th International Conference on Disabilities

13, May 2015

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Coming up in July is Beit Issie’s International Conference. Held every four years, this event is a unique opportunity for academic, medical and community professionals, researchers, policy makers, service providers, people with disabilities, and family members to meet with colleagues from around the world and take part in the latest state-of-the art knowledge, research and practice in the field of disabilities.

The program includes many diverse topics covering issues related to people with disabilities and includes three great sessions on technology:

  • Technology in Education
  • Startup Spotlight – 5 promising technologies that will change the lives of people with disabilities
  • LUDI – Technology and Play for Children with Disabilities

Come join us and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. And while you’re at it you can enjoy a bit of Tel Aviv, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Tel Aviv


Under the Auspices of the Trump International Institute for continuing Education in Developmental Disabilities.


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