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6, February 2021

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ילד משתמש במערכת מיקוד מבט למשחק טאקי

The Zero Project

The Zero Project is an initiative committed to creating a world without barriers. Their annual conference goes online this year and will be held February 10-12, 2021. We are very proud to be taking part in two panels this year. Join us for exciting lectures by various leaders and innovators in the field of disabilities. Sign up and share with your colleagues!


  • The Smart Homes Initiative: Tailoring Tech for Independence (10.2.21)

more infosign up

  • Using Technology to Promote Play and Leisure for Children with Disabilities (11.2.21)

more infosign up  



ATIA and CSUN Conferences

For our readers that are registered for the ATIA and CSUN conferences, look out for our recorded lectures. Hear our experiences with remote therapy and learning for children with multiple disabilities and listen to a new lecture about the Issie brand of apps! We’re sure you will learn something new!

ATIA 2021 (lectures available for registrants until June)

  • The Virtual School: Remote Learning and Therapy for Children with Multiple Disabilities (in the Education and Learning strand)     link to webinar

36th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (March 6-14, 2021)

  • Developing Apps to Meet Clinical Challenges (Education track)   link to webinar
  • Remote Learning for Children with Complex Disabilities (Education track)   link to webinar


Have any lectures you’d like to share with us? Drop us a message, we’d love to learn about what our colleagues are working on these days.






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