Making Costume Dreams Come True 6.0

24, February 2021

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Purim time has come again and for the 6th year running, we celebrated with our costume-making event…despite the additional challenge of meeting with the children and creating the costumes while still maintaining social distance and keeping everyone safe. When sitting down to plan for this year’s event we quickly realized that our big joyous annual event couldn’t happen, but there was no way we were going to let the children down. Thankfully, everyone, children, families, and volunteers, were on board and ready to meet the challenge head-on. This year each group of students met with their assigned family separately (following social distancing rules and wearing masks) and the results were no less incredible than in years past. Volunteers created close to 30 costumes for children that use wheelchairs or walkers…30 children that were able to parade around at their school Purim celebrations wearing the costume of their dreams.

For those of you reading about our costume event for the first time, Making Costume Dreams Come True is an annual event held by Beit Issie Shapiro and the Holon Institute of Technology. Student volunteers from HIT’s department of design create unique and special costumes for children who use wheelchairs and walkers, incorporating the mobility device into the costume. A lot of kids may dress up as Batman for Purim, but not everyone can be Batman in a Batmobile!

Over the years, the event has become well known throughout Israel, and this year it was even featured in an American magazine. Click the links to read more about the event and watch the video to hear from Avital, one of the students who participates every year. Following the video you can scroll through the rest of the post and meet all our costume stars!

Read about us:

in The Jerusalem Post

in Kveller magazine


Listen to Avital talk about why she loves getting her costume with us:

Watch an interview with one of the organizers of the event:


Take a look at this year’s stars in their wonderful costumes

Brian, the D.J.:

די.ג'יי בריאן

D.J. Brian and his team


Omer, the flying unicorn:

עומר חד הקרן המעופף

Omer the flying unicorn


Koren, and his brother Tevel, the Maccabi Tel Aviv superstars:

כוכבי העל של מכבי- קורן ותבל

Maccabi Tel Aviv superstars, Koren and Tevel


Ronny, the Movie Director:

הבמאית רוני

Ronny the Director


Nevo, the soccer referee:

שופט הכדורגל נבו

Nevo the soccer referee


Lior, the tractor driver:

נהג הטרקטור שלנו

Lior the tractor driver


Yael, the colorful butterfly:

יעל הפרפר


Yedidia, the ambulance driver:

נהג האמבולנס ידידיה!

Yedidia, the ambulance driver


Amit, the soul bird (a popular Hebrew book):

ציפור הנפש עמית

Amit, the soul bird


Ido as Marshall, from PAW Patrol:

עידו אהה, מרשל, ממפרץ ההרפתקאות.

Ido as Marshall from PAW Patrol


Avital saving the world as a Coronavirus Vaccine:

החיסון אביטל

Avital saving the world as a Coronavirus vaccine


Erez as Santa Claus and his reindeer:

סנטה ארז

Ho, ho, ho says Erez as Sant Claus


Ariel as Batman in his Batmobile:

בטמן אריאל נוסע בבטמוביל שלו

Batman Ariel in his Batmobile


Lavi, the ice cream cone:

הגלידה הכי טעימה בעולם!

The sweetest ice cream cone around!


Oz as Dennis from Hotel Transylvania:

עוז בתפקיד דניס

Oz as Dennis from Hotel Transylvania


Mia, the birthday fairy:

פיית היומולדת שלנו

Our birthday fairy


Omer, the Olympic swimmer:

עומר השחיינית

Omer the gold medal swimmer


Zohar, Queen of Letters:

קבלו את זהר מלכת האותיות

Zohar, Queen of Letters


Chaim as Spiderman, with his Spidey-web:

ספיידרמן חיים

Spiderman Chaim


Eli, the Breslov D.J.:

אלי, הידוע בשם: D.J ברסלב

Eli, better known as the Breslov D.J.


Neria, the scientist, in his Coronovirus lab:

המדען נריה במעבדת הקורונה שלו

Neria the scientist


Adi, the marshmallow vendor:

עדי בדוכן המרשמלו שלה

Adi selling delicious marshmallows

Happy Purim Everyone!


See you next year!




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