My IssieSign: a simple platform for creating a sign and gesture library

By: Rachel Blum, SLP || 21, July 2023

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Do you work with children with complex communication needs? Do you use signs and gestures as part of your communication repertoire? We have the perfect app for you!

My IssieSign (free on iOS and Android within the IssieSign app) is an app that provides a simple solution for introducing and teaching signs. It’s clear and intuitive design allows both staff, families, and children to use the app themselves to learn basic signs to support communication. Customizable features also provide for greater access for people with motoric or intellectual disabilities. With the ability to upload your own videos into the app, you can use the My IssieSign platform to easily create a customized library of relevant signs for your child or client.Screenshots of the app
Unique features of My IssieSign:

– Clear and intuitive platform for creating and using the video library

– Includes the ARASAAC symbol set for pairing symbols with your videos

– Easily classify videos by category 

– Easily share videos and categories with others 

– Easily backup app content in Google Drive

The ability to upload your own videos is especially helpful for people that use idiosyncratic signs. Children with language delays and their families often create their own gestures to convey messages. My IssieSign provides a wonderful platform to create a library of personal gestures for staff and families to keep in sync with their child/client’s communication repertoire.


My IssieSign, is designed to meet needs identified in our work at Beit Issie Shapiro with people with disabilities. It is one of a series of apps we have created with the aim of improving participation and quality of life. It was developed in collaboration with The Technology Center of Beit Issie Shapiro and SAP Labs Israel.

The Technology Center at Beit Issie Shapiro serves as a leading hub for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Assistive Technology (AT), bringing more accessible and affordable solutions to people with disabilities. We provide consultation and training services to families and professionals and consultation and support to developers and entrepreneurs helping them create apps and products that are accessible to a wider audience including people with disabilities.

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