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Word Prediction and Dictation: An Assistive Technology Case Study

3, January 2018

In this post I’d like to share an experience I had working with A., a university student, who is currently in the first year of an undergraduate degree. A. has cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheelchair. He has impaired

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Don’t Forget to Back Up!! How to Back Up Apps and Files (and a Little about a Flash Drive for iPad)

5, December 2017

Many people have come to us with questions following accidental erasure of communication boards from their iPad and we felt that it was important to write a post explaining how to back up iPad content. This information is relevant and

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Typing – More than Just for Typing Words

8, November 2017

In the last few years I have spent a lot of time thinking about and working on typing with children and adults, specifically with those that have difficulty with writing, and that typing has become their main writing outlet. There

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Using Switches with iPad

9, August 2017

We are often asked about using switches with the iPad, so in this post, we will review the technical details of connecting switches to the iPad and also different ways they can be used. Switches can be an excellent way

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Purim is Coming!

5, March 2017

In just a week we will be celebrating Purim in all its colorful glory; carnivals, costumes, and more…Purim is a very special holiday with unique customs that everyone, especially children, love to take part in. In this spirit, Beit Issie

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iOS 10 and Implications for AAC

11, December 2016

iOS 10, Apple’s new operating system, includes many changes and additions that improve accessibility.  An overview can be found in our recent post. We can take this new functionality a step further and use the iPad or iPhone as an

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Arabic Voices Now Available for TouchChat

5, August 2016

Great news for Arabic-speaking people with communication and language difficulties…TouchChat now offers Arabic voices! We have been looking for something of quality for quite some time and are very happy with this development. Click here to read this post in Arabic.

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